Our Story

Orbana™ Good Energy started life as a magical formula to help elite athletes get a smooth, sustained energy boost that was free of any stimulants, is easy to digest with bonus vitamins and minerals to aid recovery. We made it taste great and now it’s the perfect slow-release energy source for everyone doing anything. All of the energy – none of the bull.

Good Energy Stories

Since 2007 a wide range of people have been using Orbana as a source of Good Energy. We have supplied everyone from professional sports teams (think Premiership Soccer) and Olympic competitors (think London Olympics 2012) down to regular people who just wanted a boost of Good Energy in their everyday lives. This is why we love our product so much – it really is Good Energy for everyone doing anything.

Here are a few of our favourite Good Energy stories:


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“Orbana is my fuel of choice for my weekly football game and for when i’m working extra hours and need focus with no jitters. Smooth 2 hr uplift that keeps me going.”
Quinn Meyer, Facebook Review
“Works like I work. Goes where I go. Great taste. Great even energy. Mix it in when I need it and easy to carry!”
Amazon Customer, Amazon Review
“I am type 1 diabetic. I have found Orbana is the only sports drink that doesn’t spike my blood sugar after using. This is good for me.”
Ian Rees, t1diabetes.info
“Covering an average of 50km every running day placed a huge energy demand on my body. Orbana proved capable of meeting that demand, and crucially provided a steady and sustained supply of energy over very long, tough running…’”
Chris Rhys Howarth, Adventure Runner
“Orbana is perfect for getting off my a$$ and through the wall. Helps me either workout in the first place or survive a triathlon. Loving the no crash part afterwards!”
Lars-eric Rödén, Facebook Review
“Mellow energy hit – and it actually does taste good.”
“Loved the product, I’d been coasteering on the wild atlantic coast of Western Ireland. It gave me not only a boost after intense physical exercise but it also picked me up and allowed me to be prepared for the afternoons’ activity. Highly recommend!”
Andy Wright
“Absolutely love this stuff, saw me through an exhausting stag!”
Mason Bain, Facebook Review
“‘… the energy release is long lasting so you feel strong in the later stages of a race when others are starting to fade.”
Robbie Simpson, Fell Runner
“Orbana has a perfect combination of nutrients and carbohydrates – so when on the move it doesn’t give a negative effect to the body, just a fulfilling energy boost.”
Jackson Williams, Endurance Athlete
“I’m on my second box of Orbana and it’s great! I use it at work…great effects, increased proclivity, higher concentration…. Also very healthy, so all in all I am very happy.”
Guy delle Piane, Facebook Review
“I use as a pick me up about mid-afternoon. And I nail two before football on a Wednesday night – totally sorts me out.”
Xander Steavenson, Facebook Review
“Three times a week, after each run I do during my marathon training in the morning. Perfect complement in the morning to start the day off right and still perform well at work.”
Tobias Kemper, Facebook Review
“…mixes with water easily no lumps, it is refreshing to drink and gets to tired areas quickly. …no fear of the dreaded sugar rush that can happen with other drinks. I will continue to use this drink! “
Keith Burfoot, t1diabetes.info
“It’s so great to have a healthy energy drink available, that actually works! Thanks Orbana!”
Ian Meyer, Facebook Review
“Excellent Product”
“Excellent product! Easy to travel with too which is great for someone on the go. Thanks!”
Happy With Purchase, Amazon Review
“Excellent product! Easy to travel with too which is great for someone on the go. Thanks!”
Happy With Purchase, Amazon Review